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New Zealand Shipping Passenger Lists
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My sincere thanks to Len Chapman ( ) for his time
in putting this table of contents together. Jeffrey Shaw

I am getting more requests for Passenger Lists so that people can complete their family trees. My objective when I set up "The History of New Zealand Shipping" was to concentrate on the anecdotal stories that really give you a buzz when you read them. Providing detailed information on Passenger Lists is not in line with my objective. However I appreciate this website may attract people looking for information on NZSCo Passengers. To help those people, I am providing this page of information on locating Passenger Lists. 

UK Records

All ships carrying passengers in or out of any British port were required by law to lodge a passenger list with the relevant port authorities. Records for ship passengers travelling between 1890 and 1960 are available in the UK Board of Trade's collection of original passenger lists. 
These can be seen at the Public Record Office in Kew, England. 
More information is available at
After 1960, UK Passenger Lists do not exist, primarily because of increasing air travel.

The Reality

Passenger Lists exist as paper documents, hand written or typed, and stored in boxes. With the passage of time these documents are fragile and require careful handling. Any research will therefore be time consuming. Few of these Passenger Lists have been transcribed into accessible Databases. There are Volunteer Organisations carrying out this work. More information can be found at
The reality is locating your family and friends on NZSCo Passenger Lists will require time, effort, expertise and, maybe even cost if you employ professional researchers.


Where to start? The UK Public Records Office ( ) if your relation travelled before 1960. A better option may be the National Archives in New Zealand
Archives New Zealand Head Office Wellington holds passenger lists for nearly all ships arriving in New Zealand for the period 1883-1973. On arrival in New Zealand, ships handed formal Passenger Lists to a customs officer. The Social Security Department used these Passenger Lists to check people's eligibility for old age pensions. They are referred to as the Social Security passenger lists.
Another source could be the Library in Christchurch NZ, who also maintain Passenger Lists

Passenger Lists

There are a number of sites dedicated to researching Passenger Lists. 
These are some (but by no means all) of them...

Crew Lists

If you are trying to trace ship's crew then UK Public Records Office in Kew, London is the place to start
Further information is available at,CrewLists.html


All the above information is readily available on the WWW.
I do not have any expertise in Genealogy and I do not have access to any Passenger List Records! 



Rob Scott New_Zealand_Shipping_Passenger_Lists: 
Lynn looking for Mathews from England to NZ in 1926 
Looking for John Alfred Bamford who came to NZ before 1871 Elaine Hollins
Sue collyns Passenger Lists
Josiah John Edmonds arrived in New Zealand between 1904- 1916  Rodney Edmonds 
Jill Parker  I sailed from Wellington to Sydney on the ???? Remuera in March 1963. Can anyone tell me please, what shipping line and where could I find proof of this?
Isobel jones,  Pattillo James @ Isabella sons John Alexander, George, James arriving 1906

Looking for my grandfather Known as Charles Abraham Phillips. Christened Abraham Charles came to Australia from England abt 1911 born 24/09/1889 Spitalfields London. Parents Philip Phillips (father). Mother Thersese (nee) Cox Patricia Rae 

Would appreciate any details and information on the "IONIC" I think arrived NZ from the UK about 1925-26. Also any passenger list available and any photo available With thanks John Hutton 07.06.05

Passenger Mr Thomas Francis Keane DOB: 20 November 193? From Dublin? Ireland to New Zealand   Julie Keane 

Can anyone tell me the names of a few ships that came in from England to Auckland between July 1917 and April 1918.
They may have had troops on them but I am looking for a Jack Hughes and Annie Hughes (nee Walsh)
Supposedly she died on board and I would like some info on this.
Also if anyone can tell me if the NZ Patriotic War relief society only helped NZ serviceman. Jack Hughes had help from this service when a baby was born in ST Helens Hosp. in Auckland 25th April 1918. I am trying to determine if he was a NZ serviceman or English.. Mandy Smith


Tim McConkey New_Zealand_Shipping_Passenger_Lists:

Looking for Sargeant family who sailed on Remuera from Tilbury Docks to NZ some time 1912-early 1914. Brian Sargeant

Trying to Trace Annie Wood nee Bentley bn 1853 Bridge Town Wensley Derby Emigated to New Zealand 1886/1887 with her husband John Wood and young daughter of eighteen months. John Wood died 21-3-1887 Wellington Hospital. Wellington. Buried 24-3-1887 his occupation stone mason. Also shipping line they arrived on from England and Port they Departed from. June Hellen


Hi from the UK ! Anybody on this site know anything about the ss Dorset ? An uncle of my wife's sailed on it in 1923 over to NZ  Stephen Smith

My name is Barry Bisset-Smith and my great grandfather and grandfather were aboard the otaki when she fought the moewe, my great grandfather capt. Archbald Bisset-Smith went down with the ship and was later awarded the V.C.. Please would anyone post me any information about the circumstances and any personal records anyone may have read, i am particularly interested in his wife's first marriage, i believe her name was Edith Clulee. Many thanks


I am looking the Evans family, Emigrated to New Zealand from the UK in the 1950's I think the ship was the 'Orantes, I was only five when they went. I have no living family left except for these relations in NZ, and I would love to find them. The mother (my Aunt) was Irene, and the two boys were Phillip and Tony. They got off in Wellington. The last I heard was they were farming in the South Island. Irene's maiden name was Starling. they have a brother Lionel somewhere Jennie Scott (Wilkinson)


i am looking to trace my uncle Eric Seargent Taylor .he lived near Louth Linconshire England, he was married and his wife was called Bella. I was told that he emigrated to New Zealand in the 1950s . i have further family details but none about the boat ,date, or arrival port in New Zealand Karen Hought

My Great Great Grandfather, John PATTINSON (B. about 1831 in Cumberland, England). Arrived in Australia prior to 1853, after spending 4 years in New Zealand. He may have arrived in New Zealand either by himself, or with his family, (father also called John) or other brothers etc. I am unable at this stage to locate shipping records into either New Zealand or Victoria in relation to him or family and also I am wondering are there any relations left in New Zealand?


I am looking for Henry Robert Perriam who left England for Rockhampton Queensland in 1973. I would also like information on George Perriam Captain of the ship Nelson which sailed from England to New Zealand between 1870 -1880 and was docked in Timaru [NZ] in 1877.

Looking for Joseph Robinson Steel, sailed England to Australia (Victoria) 1857, then from Victoria to New Zealand approx. 1863. I think the Guy Mannering may have been one of the ships, but not sure. 

I am trying to find when my grandfather William Hugh McKee JEFFS arrived in New Zealand. He probably came from Melbourne Australia before 1904 as he was married in Ashburton New Zealand in 1905. Any help appriecated. Thanking you. Elaine (nee Jeffs)


I am looking for Ellenor Nancy (nee Malligan) and George Frederick FARROW, both born in Victoria and then travelled to New Zealand in, after being married in 1906. They lived the rest of their lives in Wellington NZ and raised their family there. Any information about the ship they would have travelled on would be appreciated. Regards Helen Kirwin (nee Malligan) 


My mother, sister and I returned to Liverpool on the Rangitiki probably in the summer of 1945, (though it may have been during l944). I am trying to find out the exact date and having difficulty find appropriate passenger lists. Perhaps you would be able to help me. We had been evacuated to Canada on the Duchess of Bedford in l940. I would very much appreciate any help you might be able to give me. Thank you. J Della Alvarez


Very interesting pages. I have been looking for info regarding vessel which came out from England early 19th century, recall mother saying that her family arrived out from Cornwall on the Paparoa in 1910? Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks

I am trying to trace Duncan Mccallum who came to NZ from the UK in the 1950s with his wife and daughter Stella. Please can anybody help. Many thanks Thelma Cranfield (nee Mccallum)

Can anyone help me with my g-grandfather Captain James Dick. b 1829 Cults, Fife, Scotland. married Charlotte Mitchell. unknown when or when she was born. Was on the Monitor of Fortress Munro or the Merrimac in the James River during the American Civil War. Arrived in Oamaru in 1864 as the Master of the Rangoon and was the master of the Dredge Progress. Any further info would be greatly appreciated. He was also Master of the brigantine Endeavour in 1875 when she was re.......Many thanks Glennis Kelly.


I am looking for Robert Gabell Mary Gabell, Sarah Gabell Also Eliza Fry [my Grandmother] they came to NZ in about 1912-1914,as on my Grandmother death cert she had been in NZ for 50years. Sherylyn Shackleton

Looking for the name of the ship that James SANDERS was a passenger on which would have called into Victoria, Australia, and arrived in Nelson ,New Zealand about 1858.

 I am trying to find out when my grandfather Walter McConachie came to New Zealand from Scotland (His surname may have been spelt McConachy). I have a post card with a picture of the S.S Corinthic on it and a post date 12 Sept 1913 (said they would be arriving in Plymouth soon) He came out with his brother Donald (Whose surname may have been spelt MacConnachie). They were living in New Zealand by 1917 as they signed up with the New Zealand Army.


Josiah John Edmonds Born 1879 Lichfield, Staffordshire, England. Arrived in New Zealand between 1903 & 1914.
My wife and I are trying to find when her great-grandmother Grace (nee Wallis) Biddell and her grandmother Annie Christina Wallis departed from New Zealand and arrived in Sydney during the period of 1891 and 1910 Brian & Beverly Lane
Andrew and Mary (Polly) GRAHAM arrived late 1800s with one or two children: John (Jack) and Catherine (Kate) from England. They supposedly landed at Lyttleton aboard the Ionic and settled in Christchurch. I am trying to find the time of their arrival. I am g g grand neice. Patricia Clarke ( nee Graham )


Elijah and Martha BLACKBURN, with children Harry and Anne (later Graham) arrived sometime in the late 1880s. When and where!!! They settled in Hawera and later moved to Nelson. A daughter Martha Ann was born in Hawera about 1900? Trying to locate family and ship. Patricia Clarke ( nee Graham )

Also looking for ship Samuel Henry ALVIS sailed to NZ turn of the century ie. 1890/1900+ from Sydney Australia. He was born in Goulburn and married 1) Lillian Lightfoot, widowed, 2) Maud Williamson .Maud is my  grandma. Trisha

Also looking for the ship Maud Williamson's mother Alice Maud CUDD was born aboard in 1874, supposedly sailing from America - not sure if a stopover? Alice's parents were Martha/Matilda SARTEN father Joseph CUDD. They lived around Inglewood. Birth may have been registered to port the ship sailed from??? Any help welcome! Trisha

I am searching for an arrival date for my grandparents William Halloway McMillan and Agnus McLaughlan Cameron who travelled with Margaret Cameron (Mother of Agnus)s he brought her other children Matthew, Margaret and Annie Cameron.


I am looking for any info on the ship "Tiptree" arrived lyttleton Jan 1864.

I am looking for the name McKee coming from Ireland some time in the late 1870's may have landed in Lyttleton

Any info on the Ship SS Wakool may have sailed from Australia to NZ or it may have come from the UK Via Sth Africa to NZ and dropped off passengers at Thames NZ

My Grandmother Lillian Chadwick and her daughter Florence Chadwick came to NZ 1912-1913 on the ship Ionic, from England she was from Lancashire Does anyone have passenger lists for this ship.

My Great Grandfather George Alexander Sloggett and his wife Clara (nee Thomas) went to New Zealand in either 1904 or 1905 approx. Looking for any information on why they went - the family think he went over there mining but we don't know for sure. They adopted a little girl whilst in NZ and called her Maisie.

I am searching for shipping records of my Great Grandfather Nils Johan Carlson who arrived in New Zealand during the 1870's. It is told that he jumped ship, and he only used the name Thomas Carlson in N.Z. He was born in Kalmar, SWEDEN. Can anyone help ? Thanks. Carol Edwards


Any info please on a Jessica Florence Hardy passenger that left New Zealand @ early 1920's bound for Australia. Brett Gow

I am looking for descendants of John and Catherine Graham (nee McKee) who emigrated from Ireland to New Zealand in the 1870s. They moved to Australia not long after with some of their children. The others remained in New Zealand) Among them were their sons Samuel and William Graham. Probably settled in Auckland. Any information would be gratefully received. Judith O'Shea


I am looking for descendants of John and Catherine Graham (nee McKee) who emigrated from Ireland to New Zealand in the 1870s. They moved to Australia not long after with some of their children. The others remained in New Zealand) Among them were their sons Samuel and William Graham. Probably settled in Auckland. Any information would be gratefully received. Judith O'Shea


Hi There, I'm trying to locate information on my Great Great Grandfather Henry Ralph King who sailed to New Zealand from England we know he was born in Kent England abt 1837. If anyone knows any information on him or the ship he may have arrived on, I thinking he arrived abt 1861 into the port of Lyttleton. Thanks Carl

I am trying to find out the name of the ship my grandmother and her family (Victoria Violet Elsie May Barnes) were on bound for Australia in 1912 and the name of the ship they returned on 8 months later. Parents names, Thomas Joseph and Emily Ann Barnes. Shirley O'Brien

We are trying to ascertain on which ship and the dates my husband's birth relatives visited Australia from New Zealand. As the journeys were made in 1954 and 1955 anyone one that had this information has since passed away.
We would very much appreciate any help you could give us. The passengers names were Patricia Ann Tierney, Constance Margaret Tierney & Constance Tierney. Are there any ships passenger lists we can access via the internet. Thanking you in anticipation, Val Schmidt


"Mararoa" arrived at Auckland from Australia 1902/03.Looking for passenger list with Surnames, McCullough, Horigan, Daw. Any help appreciated. Lynne Hickey

Any information on James and Agnes Rogers, travelling to New Zealand from England or Wales between 1901 and 1915. they travelled with four or five young children. Lisa Rogers

I hold a complete and original List of Passengers for SS Ruahane, Southampton to Wellington, via Panama Canal, 3 July to 9 August 1924 detailing Officers, Passengers by Class (ie. First Saloon, etc) and miscellaneous information. This is a vessel's original document which must have been given to each passenger or group as my relatives have completed a "daily distance run" log on the inside rear cover.

It took me almost two frustrating years to locate my great-grandparents emigration from Scotland. I am willing to answer ONLY those enquirers who are certain their relatives travelled on this vessel and voyage. For those enquirers who are not certain, please accept my apologies in advance and understand that I am unable to answer each and every speculative enquiry. Kind regards. Jim McCreadie Fremantle Western Australia.


Any information on Murdock Cameron who travel with wife and three year old son to New Zealand in 1926 from Liverpool. thanks. Linda

I am trying to find information on my grandfather who it is said came to NZ on the Corinthic in 1906. His name was Edwin Frank Hills. Any help would be appreciated on this.My Grandmother Fanny Elizabeth Marden came out the next year, landed and they got married the day after she arrived. They married in Feilding on 25 Dec 1907. I have no idea what ship she would have arrived on. Glennys Grace


Name of ship Thomas and Elizabeth Henderson and their three children emigrated to NZ on, from Scotland arriving 18 October 1906.

ROBERT DUNSIRE RITCHIE son of John and Janet I am trying to find the boat my Grand father and possibly his family arrived on. Immigrated from Scotland to NZ he may have come alone as a young man or with his family. Can any body please help..... Thanks Karen


RITCHIE ROBERT DUNSIRE. Can anybody please help me with info on him. He was born in Scotland 01.01.1903 came to NZ somewhere before 1927 when he married IVY BLANCH MILES.. I don't know what boat he came on any info would be great  Thanks Karen Finch

Seeking information on Charles Frederick Napper (born 1846, Surrey, United Kingdom) 2nd son of Dr Albert Napper of Guildford and Cranleigh and his wife Sarah (nee Winkworth) who emigrated to New Zealand. Left London on the PAPAROA on 7th September 1904 destination Wellington. I know that his wife's name was Constance and that they had seven children one of whom Arthur Winkworth Napper, a soloist in the choir of Christchurch Cathedral was killed in action at Messine Ridge, Belgium in 1917. Would welcome contact with any descendants.  Lesley A Napper


Hi, I am interested in any information about my father's side of the family. The Wharfe family immigrated from England in 1862 aboard "Matilda Wattenbach" making them an original "Albertlander" The family settled in Mangawhai, We had a farm on the "Tara Road" the farm was called "Tara Dene" My nana was Iva Weir Wharfe a lovely eccentric lady. Any information and if possible photo's would be awesome. Jo Gough (nee Wharfe )


Trying to Trace any information on Henriette Eising who married Gottfried Feierabend in Germany. She was supposed to have the maiden name Nadatoffski but this appears nowhere in our line. Has anyone heard of the name or similar names. Joan

My Name is Lynne Chesterman. I am not sure which ship I came out from England to NZ on. I thought it was a ship called the Pacific Monarch but have since found a letter my mother wrote and she mentioned we were leaving on approximately 21 October 1946, on the Rangatiki. (Not sure if the spelling is correct.) I was born in Harrogate 8/8/45 and my father was in the NZ Airforce. He meet my mother while there during the war, they married in 1945. I lost my father 7 years ago, and lost my mother January this year 2007. My fathers name was Bruce Gibb Johnston, my mother's maiden name was Mollie (Mary) Fawcett Leigh. My father was born in NZ and came back to NZ before my mother about Sept/Oct 1946. We came by ship a little later to join him.

I am trying to gather information so I can also look into passenger lists for this time. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.


I am looking for data regarding William Charles HYLTON, arrived in Wellington on 'EDWIN FOX' 1875. Probably landed in AUST prior to this date. He is listed as a Master mariner on Death Cert, but I have found no traces since the  1841 England Census. He married MARIANNE AVANT in Sydney 1861. I have big gaps I would like to fill. Alison Hylton


Seeking information on John DRUMMOND. John was born in Fifeshire, Scotland in 1857. He married my G-G-Grandmother, Elizabeth Jane TWELFTREE in 1880 at Berwick, Otago. Elizabeth was born at Green Island, Dunedin & died at Warrington, Otago, 31 December 1935 & John passed away in Dunedin 18th July 1939. Fortunately, I have quite alot of info on Elizabeth & her parents etc, but not alot at all on John. Please help to full in the blanks! Jasmine


Looking for any descendants of Peter and Mary McLean (nee  Moon) who immigrated from Glasgow to New Zealand between 1925 and 1935 with six or seven of their children. My grandmother Mary was their child who remained in Glasgow as she had already met and fell in love with my grandfather (James McDonald). Any info would be much appreciated.   Maria McMillan (nee McDonald)


Hi  I'm trying to find berryman's arriving in New Zealand about 1900 maybe joseph and family of girls maybe a son also lived in top ireland. were in bendigo victoria, came from cornwall.  thanks anyone Kath Radford

Looking for any information on my G Grandfather Francis Charles Hill, last heard of in Dunedin NZ around 1935, may have departed from Australia. Jon Stanley

Looking for information re passenger lists for ship "Rotorua" which sailed from London on 3 Sept.1914 for NZ.  Betty Holloway

My father and brother came out to nz in 1925 arriving at Auckland, I dont know what ship they came on, they where from Ireland so would have sailed from the England.Would like to trace the name of ship and any passenger lists for 1925, Dad's name was Patrick Joseph Mcgurren from Fermanagh, if anyone can help I would love to hear from you.  Rose Demenech


I am looking for evidence that I travelled to New Zealand on the Rangitiki arriving in Wellington on July 18th 1946, Sailing out of Tillbury. I was 11 yers old travelling with my mother Betty Bishopp( mrs.E.A.) and a 3 month old brother. I am trying to get a passport and there is no record of my arrival even though I paid taxes since 1950 and have never left NZ. Can you help me please. Keith Bishopp


I am Looking for a passenger list of the Rangitiki sailing out of tilbury for Wellington NZ, with War Brides, some returning soldiers and other paying passengers. The ship spent 10 days in Balboa after a breakdown. The NZ Internal affairs have no record of my arrival and so I cannot get a passport until I can prove I came on that ship with my Mother.  Arrival in Wellington 18th July 1946.Greatful for any help. Keith Bishopp


Has anyone got a copy of the passenger list for the RMS Rangatata which landed in Wellington December 1960. Fred Britton

Tena koe looking for passenger list which embarked from Dardanelles 30 June 1915 returning Maori soldiers to NZ aboard corinthic 23.9.1915 arriving in NZ 21.10.19..  Mita Paratene who took Edith Waite as a warbride to NZ Eparaima Paratene

I'm looking for passenger lists from the Blairgowrie, a clipper that arrived from Glasgow in 1875. Arrived in Lyttelton on 24 August 1875. Looking for information on The William Charles Shaw family.

Passengers from Australia to New Zealand name Voigt with family 1870 1895 G HILLYER

I have been searching for a crew list of the RMS Remuera between 1911 and 1920. In particular the names of the pursers. My grandmother, Miss Daisy Coote was a passenger and was good friends with the pursor, his name is believed to be Llewellyn Charles or Charles LLewellyn or a name similar to these two names.

I am looking for ship and date that James Anderson KNIGHTS (or KNIGHT) came to NZ on from Aust - almost certainly from Melbourne, as he was from Warrnambool, Vic. (He was my g/f). Almost certainly later than 1876, and before 1887 (when he was married in Dunedin). Any direct or indirectly related information gratefully received, and any reasonable expenses reimbursed. Roger Knights

I'm looking for anyone who remembers or knows the whereabouts of Johnny Clarke (English) & Billy McDonald (Scot) who arrived on the Rangitane sometime between 1959 - 1961. I think they both  Any information would be greatly appreciated. Andrew Patefield

Looking for confirmation that Joseph Walker Pooley sailed in 1884 on the "Manapouri" from New Zealand to Australia.

Would like to get in touch with anyone who travelled on the Rangitane from England to Wellington NZ arriving 15- 02- 60 i was a passenger and would like to get a copy of the passenger list  Robert Stewart

Need to know the date/s that MV Wanganella docked in Sydney (from Auckland) in January 1950. All help appreciated. Dr. John Knight

Looking for passenger list for a Thomas Skellon who arrived in NZ from England approx 1863-1864 Brian Skellon

Does anyone have any information on John William Albans born 1865 & his brother George Albans born 1867 in Lincolnshire. My understanding is they emigrated to Australia in 1887 or 1888 on the Oriana. They are the brothers of my great-grandfather Charles Albans born 1861. Any information very welcome, thanks.
I am looking for a passenger list of the Rangitiki sailing out of Tilbury for Wellington NZ, in 1946 with War Brides, some returning soldiers and other paying passengers. I believe my mother was one of the passengers.
The ship was held up in Balboa while undergoing engine repairs. Jeff Newman
John DRUMMOND; born Fifeshire, Scotland in 1857. Immigrated to New Zealand on unknown passenger ship, during the 1870s. I would love to find out further information about John's family life, whilst still in Scotland. I know 'alittle' information about his life in Otago, NZ, before & after marriage to Elizabeth TWELFTREE. Jasmine Hunter


1947. Rangitata Plymouth to NZ. My wife was a passenger with her family and would be keen to contact any other passengers. Her family name was Palmer. Regards Irwin Tapp

Passengers from Australia to West Coast of New Zealand 1874-1876. William Smith a Miner and Janet Smith his wife with their children George-Joseph-William-James-Ann-Ellen- Robert. Which Ship did they come on and where did they land? They were living New Lampton Newcastle NSW Australia before departing for New Zealand and work at the Waimangaroa Mine. William Smith


My name is Lynne Chesterman, I travelled on the Rangitiki from England arriving in NZ on 6 December 1946 from England. I travelled with my mother, a war bride. Her name was Mary Johnston, and my father was in the NZ Airforce. I was 16 months old at the time.
I would be interested to hear from anyone else who travelled at this time. We docked in Wellington


I have information that my uncle, Francis Arthur Dennis Harris, was on the New Zealand Liner "Rangitana", and lost his life when she was,torpedoed, If you have any information about this incident, I would be very great full, As I'm trying to trace my family history. Anthony James Freeman
Hi, I'm trying to find any information about the sinking of the Rangitane, I'm sure that my uncle was a steward on the ship, his name was Francis Arthur Dennis Harris, he would be aged about 35/40 years of age, at that time, If anyone has any information, it would me trace my family tree.....Thanks Anthony Freeman


I am trying to find information as to how my grandfather George Thomas Nation (also called Mick) arrived in NZ probably between 1907 and August 1915 when he married my grandmother in Wellington. He is not on any passenger lists records held in UK at the GRO in Kew and does not appear on the CLIP Crew Lists and Agreement data for 1863 to 1913.
My father, who saw very little of his father thinks he recalls him talking about serving on the Loch Torridon at some point but I didn't think she put into Wellington and as he was ever a teller of 'tall tales', I'm not sure this can be relied on. I would be grateful for any suggestions as to how to find out what ship he first arrived on in NZ and any other ships he later served on..
By 1919, a year after my father was born, my grandfather was permanently shore side and editing a magazine called the NZ Nautical review of which I have bound copies for 1919-1921. He also at some point had some form of supplies/clothing store in Post Office Buildings and also at Custom House Quay Wellington. Any information about this period would also be welcome
My father Brian Nation also went to sea and sailed in the Rangitata in the mid 1930's. He is still very much alive and kicking and living in the UK. Susan Pendrey


My grandfather, Simon Henry LYON (S.H.Lyon) came from London to Sydney in 1904 with his family. He then continued to Auckland in the same year. I would like to find the passenger list for the Sydney to Auckland/Wellington leg, any suggestions appreciated. John Oliver


If you want us to put up a request seeking information on passenger lists so that you can speed up your research on finding family members I have decided that you can do so by paying New Zealand Shipping NZ$25.00 or A$20.00 or 10.00 for a line listing payable into our NZ, Australia or UK bank accounts. The actual History of New Zealand Shipping (On-Line Comments) now in its 11th Year will remain a labour of love

The On-Line Comments) section is dedicated and devoted to those who were intrinsically linked to the History of New Zealand Shipping whether that be at sea as in officers and crew or land based as in the office doing accounts, manifest clearance, down at the wharf as a truckie, stevedore, night watchmen, ships girl, tugs, pilots, or union delegate, or perhaps you were a passenger or your family travelled on board NZCS, then tell us your/their story whether it was romance or food or the ports of call or the festivities of crossing the international date line or whatever that's what i/we all want to hear about.


As you can see I still get people asking me about getting passenger lists for family trees,
I have previously stated that this is not what the History of New Zealand Shipping is all about.
Honestly I simply don't have the time to focus on family trees, doing the History is a love job.
Len Chapman went to great lengths to give you insights where to go at the top of this page.

Jeffrey Shaw: Managing Director: New Zealand Shipping

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