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Personal Effects & Household Goods Insurance is for individuals, organisations who require marine insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances when it comes time to shipping your goods overseas.

  • The full replacement value of the goods at destination must be insured
  • Any item valued over A$ 400.00 must be declared separately in the schedule below and the value stated ie. Antique Table A$ 800.00 Piano A$ 1000.00
  • items not declared will be deemed to have a value not greater than A$ 400.00
  • In the event of loss or damage being sustained full details of the claim must be notified to underwriting and / or their agents within 14 days of the receipt of goods.
    NZ$ = New Zealand dollars, US$ = American dollars, Pound and Euro's will be converted into A$ applying at time of shipment

    Marine Insurance can cover you for loss, stolen, pillaged, fire, flood and overturning of vehicle or ocean going vessel
    From an overall costing perspective its a small percentage on the total value of your goods.
    Export Import Shipping Freight Insurance is for those of you who are shipping from your Australian premises to an overseas destination and or shipping your goods from an overseas country to your New Zealand premises.

    We do not do New Zealand domestic transit insurance ie.. Picton to Wellington
    We do not do New Zealand domestic insurance. ie .. boats, jet skis

Your name *
Your address
Your country
Your phone number
Are you going to pack or are you going to get a professional removalist
If a professional removalist. Please provide their name and address
Address from which your goods are to be moved from
Date of intending packing and uplift
Address to which your goods are to be sent to
Goods will be sent by Sea Air Rail Road
If Sea state Name of vessel and
voyage number (see note 1)
Date vessel expected to sail
Port of Loading
Port of Discharge
Ultimate destination
Container number
How long have goods been in storage prior to shipping
Will goods be stored prior to shipping, if so, how long
Will goods be stored at overseas destination
For a quick heads up without listing items from 1 to 18 scroll down and fill in Total Value and Currency
No. Category Items valued over A$ 400.00 must be detailed below showing individual value of each item
1 Antique furniture, Piano, Musical instruments, Grandfather clock
2 China, Glassware, Earthenware, Mirrors, Ornaments, Clocks, Lampshades, Marble goods
3 Typewriters, Record / cassette / CD Player, Radio & Television sets, Video Cassette / CD’s, Cameras, Projectors, Photographic & Ancillary
4 Gas & Electrical Household, Appliances, Washing Machines, Dryer, Refrigerator
Freezer, Cooker ( stove etc ), Microwave Oven, Computer, Sewing Machine
5 Lounge & Dining furniture
6 Bedroom furniture & mattresses
7 Kitchen, Bathroom, Hall furniture
8 Kitchen Utensils not glass earthenware or electrical items
9 Silver & Cutlery
10 Curtains, Cushions, Table Linen & Towels, Bed Linen / Blankets
11 Pictures, Works of Art
12 Carpets & Rugs
13 Clothing
14 Toys, Games, Books
15 Garden & Other Tools, Garden Furniture, Bicycles, Sports Equipment
16 Accompanied Personal Effects, subject to exclusion (clause B)
17 Other Items
18 Freight

If you wish to add any Comments

Total Value of goods to be insured

What currency are you using

I, We fully understand that any insurance policy only comes into place when monies are fully accounted for and cleared by your bank.

How did you locate us

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You are required to put in your name and email address, 
then click submit for your details to come back to us.

Cover will continue during the normal course of transit (including up to one month at packer's premises) from the time the goods are taken up at the above address until set down at the final address (including up to one month after discharge from Ship awaiting delivery).
Note 1 When name of vessel is unknown a quotation will be given on the basis that the vessel is approved by Underwriters.  In such cases it is possible that when the Underwriters are eventually informed of the name of the vessel an additional premium may be required, especially should the vessel be over 15 years old.
Note 2 In the event of any storage taking place before arrival at final address, cover will cease on arrival at such place of storage unless prior notice is given to New Zealand Shipping stating full details of the location, storage facilities and period, and an additional premium paid.